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Faculty Spotlight

LaDana Jenkins

What is La-Dana’s perfect job?  Helping you discover yours.  As a career counselor, Ms. Jenkins is a guiding light for people who have lost their jobs or are unhappy with their current ones.  In seven years of teaching adult learners, she has “seen it all,” having advised people from a wide range of industries and career-levels.  La-Dana Jenkins enjoys the sustained, long-lasting connections that she has made and continues to make with the people who enroll in her classes here at BMCC.  She thrives in her role as counselor, as a source of guidance and as “the person who can answer {your} questions.”   

John Lennon famously said that “life happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  In her senior year at SUNY Oswego, La-Dana Jenkins had her sights set on a degree in Communications.  However, things would turn out differently than she had first envisioned.  While working a P.R. internship in the career services office at her university, she became interested in the idea of working in career development.  This “eureka” moment propelled her to a Masters of Arts in Career Development at John F. Kennedy University (Pleasant Hill, California), and eventually to career service jobs with Metropolitan College of New York, Monroe College, and Teachers College, Columbia University.  When not running her Job-Search Workshops at BMCC, Ms. Jenkins doesn’t take a break from career counseling.  Instead, she gets a second wind, running her own private career counseling practice where she writes resumes, counsels clients, and administers assessment tools.   

Today, La-Dana Jenkins helps BMCC adult learners find their way out of difficult times by helping them find themselves.  Self-exploration, or “You exploring You,” is a crucial component to her Job-Search Workshop series.  She cautions job-seekers against the “I’ll take anything” mindset when it comes to looking for a job: “If you can’t express what you want, how is your {potential} employer going to know what you want?”  For Ms. Jenkins, it is important for a person to take inventory of skill-sets, expertise, and experience in order to get a sense of what he or she is looking for in the job world. 

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