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Faculty Spotlight

Wayne Carey

For eight years Wayne Carey has been working at BMCC Continuing as a GED Counselor. He has taught many workshops, including Interview Skills, Microsoft Office, and Math, among others. His primary responsibility is to help students succeed, not just in the GED class, but in college and life in general.

Carey says, “I tell my students: see getting your GED as the first step, not as the goal. I advise them to exhibit behaviors that will make the transition to college an easy one. What I like the most about my job is the interaction with the students; I make myself available to them as much as I can. I tell them my door is always open even after they pass their GED and go to college. We have such an amazing staff in the Literacy Department with various backgrounds, which makes it a one-stop shop for our students. Some students might have questions about HRA, ESP or Citizenship, and someone in our staff would know how the process works. It is such a great environment to work in."

"At BMCC, we don’t just teach GED; we teach life skills. In order for most of our students to succeed in classroom, their personal problems must be dealt with. We make our utmost effort to help them, whether it’s through solving simple problems like transportation to class, to dealing with serious life crises. Some of the life skills we teach are time management, financial literacy, how to find and apply for a job, and many more. Last year, 85% of the students we sent to take the GED exam passed."

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