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Leadership Development Certificate

Leadership Development Certificate

Leadership Development Certificate: Each of the courses titled: Strategic Planning: Planning for Growth, Accounting for Non-Financial; Managers, Delivering Gold Medal Presentations; Managing Organizational Change, Performance; Management: Approaches to Employee Development; can be taken as an individual course. However, if you would like to participate in all of the offerings. BMCC will apply a discount to your registration for the entire series, and award a non-credit “Leadership Development Certificate” at the conclusion of your participation. Program fee: $595. Call 212-346-8410 to register.

Who Should Enroll:
• Supervisors who are managing teams or departments for the first time and would like a formal understanding of how people and
organizations operate most effectively
• Front Line Managers who would like to improve their practical understanding of day-to-day operations, and learn how to
transform groups of co-workers into powerful, results-oriented teams

Benefits From Attending These Sessions:
• You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced trainers who have earned their stripes through success in the field
• You will understand how your employees’ performance individually, and your unit collectively, supports your division’s business
objectives and targets, as well as those for the organization as a whole
• You will learn techniques and strategies for changing employee behaviors
• You will learn the importance of active communication within an organization, and practice strategies for achieving healthy levels
of dialogue among co-workers and supervisors alike
• You will understand the importance of involving staff and other stakeholders in efforts to generate solutions to problem situations

Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
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Delivering Gold Medal Presentations
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Managing Organizational Change
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Performance Management: Approaches to Employee Development
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Strategic Planning: Planning for Growth
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