Counseling Services

The College Discovery Program at BMCC is committed to providing professional counseling to our students on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to discuss personal concerns especially as they relate to their educational aspirations. Counselors are trained with masters or doctoral degrees in counseling, psychology, or social work. Some of the counselors speak more than the native English language and thus provide valuable support to our bilingual students. Currently, counseling is available in Spanish.

All CD students are assigned one of six counselors. Students must meet with their assigned counselor on a regular basis. First year students are expected to schedule an appointment with their assigned counselor at least three times in the semester. Continuing students should schedule at least two visits each semester. The program requires that the counseling visits be noted in a monthly report to the administrator. A convenient appointment to meet with your counselor can be made at the front desk. You may also contact your counselor by telephone, or through email (remember to identify your name in the subject line of the email message).

So if you are wondering, why do I need a counselor?

Studies have shown that college students who utilize support services such as counseling, generally perform better and are retained at higher rates. Counseling can also help by creating a relationship that fosters personal, academic, social and educational development.

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