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You can search for jobs and internships using Career Express (See Step 1: Connect With Us) and your network of family and friends . By attending career fairs and employer recruitment events you will find out about more job and internship opportunities. You can also use on-line resources to research potential employment opportunities.

Career Fairs

A career fair is an event where large numbers of employers gather at a venue such as a college or convention center to meet potential candidates. It is a great opportunity to meet and make direct contact with company representatives. Our office hosts a number of career fairs on campus.

RSVP for the Spring 2016 Internship Fair on January 7, 2016
- Vew the list of registered organizations for the 2016 Internship Fair

The annual Spring Career Fairs provide an opportunity for students to network with employers from various industries within the private, non-profit and government sectors. Our most recent fairs have held between 80-100 employers and the Career Fair is open to ALL BMCC students and alumni.

Learn about career fair preparation

On Campus Recruitment

On campus recruitment provides students with an opportunity to connect with employers from various industries who hold presentations and conduct interviews on the Borough of Manhattan Community College campus for full-time, part-time, and internship positions throughout the school year.

Social Networking

Social networking is the art of using digital, web-based technology to connect and communicate with others – has become a great resource to widening connections and making information available to you – and your potential future employers. Online professional networking sites-such as, allow you to create a professional profile. Your online presence influences how you are perceived professionally.

The accessibility and relatively low-cost make social networking-including sites like a key vehicle for employers to use for recruiting.
Many companies use online social networking sources to list current and upcoming job openings, and many companies turn to online sources to find qualified candidates to fill open positions.

You may use social networking to:

  • Research employers/opportunities
  • Set up a professional profile
  • Connect with people you know from various aspects of your life
  • Expand your contacts by being introduced to others through your network
  • Join groups with professionals with common interests and fields
  • Search for job postings
  • Learn about ‘hot topics’ in your industry/field of interest

Remember, the online hiring process works both ways: you can use these sites to search for jobs and make connections online, and potential employers can use sites to identify candidates and fill open positions.

Key social networking sites used for job search include:

  • Facebook: Employers may list jobs on company pages (such as MTV)
  • Twitter: Some company representatives will “Tweet” jobs on regular basis
    - Since “Tweets” are limited to 140 characters, not all information is included
  • Linkedin
    - The premier professional networking site
    - Enables you to develop your profile on-line for recruiters to view
    - One-stop search for networking, company & industry research & job search
  • Various websites and professional organizations will have their own internal networking sites where which members can join and participate in upon registration. (See Step 1: Connect With Us to connect with the Center for Career Development Social Media sites.)
  • Meetup Groups: Join a professionally-focused group, such as Finance Professionals-and attend events.

Ensure a Professional Online Presence

  • When creating your professional profile online-and communicating online, keep the following in mind:
    • Use an appropriate and professional photo
    • Create a strong, customized informative summary that focuses on your unique skills set and experience
    • Use correct grammar/spelling when writing
    • Be thorough: complete your education and experience sections
    • Incorporate keywords to further enable employer searches
  • Be aware that your online profile is public-and viewable by everyone-including your boss or other company representatives. Thus, you may want to keep your accomplishments general. In a cover letter, you can elaborate.
  • Remain active and keep an updated profile
  • Don’t approach a stranger directly. Instead, request an introduction through someone in your network
  • Invite people you know (colleagues, classmates, friends, business associates) to help be a part of your network
  • Contribute positively to online discussions – and proofread your written comments before publishing them.

Do's and Don'ts of Networking

  • DO ask for information, advice, referrals & introductions
  • DON’T ask directly for jobs
  • DON’T send mass e-mails
  • DO always thank people who have helped you in any way
  • Continue networking to develop contacts and potential leads


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