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The marketing system is described, analyzed and evaluated, including methods, policies, and institutions involved in the distribution of goods from producer to consumer. Emphasis is placed on the means of improving efficiency and lowering distribution costs.

Course Syllabus
This course develops the student's understanding of the relevance of consumer motivation and behavior to modern marketing techniques and strategies. It offers insight and information vital to the consumer-oriented firm. The economic, social, and psychological aspects of consumer behavior are explored. Prerequisite: MAR 100

Course Syllabus
This course is designed to provide an introduction to and an overview of advertising, its use as a management tool and its place in the marketing picture. Included are: the approach to creativity, media mathematics, planning and strategy, campaign concepts, research, and media selection.
Prerequisite: BUS 104

Course Syllabus
This course is an overview of the process and management of direct selling. Topics include analyzing a product, evaluating customer needs and buying motives, handling objections, closing sales, and developing the sales-person's personality. Organization and presentation of selling proposals are required.
Prerequisite: MAR 100

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