Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are calculated in accordance with the Tuition Refund Policy for those students who officially drop a class or classes during the first three weeks of the semester. Fees are not refundable.

Fall & Spring Semesters Only

Drop Period Tuition
Drops prior to the first day of the semester 100% -0-
Drops during the first calendar week of the semester 75% 25%
Drops during the second calendar week of the semester 50% 50%
Drops during the third calendar week of the semester 25% 75%
Withdrawal after the third calendar week of the semester -0- 100%

*For Summer and Winter session refund schedules, please refer to: Academic calendar

The percentage of refund is determined by the date stamped by the Registrar’s Office indicating drop date from class(es) or the date of drop on panther. 

Tuition will be refunded 100 percent for those courses which, at any time, are cancelled by the College. Failure to attend class, merely giving notice to the instructor, or stopping payment on a check is not considered an official drop or withdrawal.

Students who pay their tuition bill in full and subsequently drop will have their refund calculated according to the above Tuition Refund schedule. Refunds are mailed directly to the student’s home. Refunds for payments made online by credit card will be processed on the credit card that was used to pay the tuition.  There is no refund of credit card convenience fees.

Students who made a partial payment on their bill will have their tuition liability calculated according to the above Tuition Obligation schedule. A reduction in tuition charges may not necessarily result in a refund and, in some instances, a tuition balance may still be due. Fees are not refundable.

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