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What BLIIS Students Say:

"BLIIS is a good opportunity for students to learn English. I would recommend it to every student who does not have good skills in English."

- Everest Mekshi

"For students who are not ready to take regular classes not only in an academic way but also in a psychological way, BLIIS will be truly helpful for them to get prepared through various activities. What is more, unlike ESL classes, students are given a chance to retake the CATW test at the end of this program. Give a thought to taking BLIIS!"

- Aeri Cho

"If you have foresight and ambition to succeed in college, BLIIS is definitely the pathway for you. With personalized academic and individual support, you are never alone. Small class sizes, a diverse student body, outstanding instructors and learning in a friendly and world class environment—all ensure you are given a head start to progress to college. Had I the opportunity, I would choose to study here over and over again. It was indeed a rewarding experience. BLIIS is an unrivaled program I would recommend to every international student!"

- Ugochukwu Terry Chinagorom

"Through BLIIS I learned more about what I needed to face on the CATW, and I gained a lot of confidence that I could pass it."

- Xinfan Gao

"BLIIS will improve your vocabulary. You will get a chance to practice speaking a lot in English and read a lot. You will meet great people from all over the world."

- Ido Aylon

"I guarantee that if you join the BLIIS program then you will see yourself confident in English... Also they do lots of fun things! Such as debate, presentation and field trip! You will meet people from all around the world and you can share lots of things with them! I also met a good teacher who teaches some tips to survive in college life!"

- JongChan Moon

"BLIIS will improve your English ability, especially writing and speaking. If you want to enter college, BLIIS will be the best place to begin."

- Carmen Kobayashi

What BLIIS Teachers Say:

"Teaching at the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Language Immersion Program for International Students (BLIIS) is rewarding. The international students who come to BLIIS are a fascinating and energetic bunch. They chose New York as an international city, and are glad to meet their fellow students and get under way. This makes my life as a teacher interesting and enjoyable. "

"As a teacher I particularly appreciate the time an immersion program gives me to become familiar with each student’s academic needs and interests. The personal attention I am able to give each student and our dialogue mean we can make the most of the time we have. You will start to become accustomed to the workload and classroom patterns, while improving your academic English and even picking up some more informal contemporary spoken English as you get to know New York better. "

"The diverse backgrounds and experience of BLIIS students keep the classroom lively and interesting. Group projects and trips outside the classroom enable students to form bonds with one another so they have a mutual support network as they move on. BLIIS is a solid resource for international students just becoming acquainted with the rigors of an academic life in New York City. BLIIS is also a welcoming environment, where it is my job to ease you into the routines of American college life, and aid you to learn more about what will be expected of you at the City University of New York."

– Katy Lyle

BMCC Language Immersion for International Students

25 Broadway, 8th floor (see map)
New York, NY 10007
Naomi Machado, Director
(212) 776-2422

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.