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The Basic Skills English Lab serves students in English 088 and English 095. We work in small groups with a tutor to make you a competent writer. We have a number of writing activities to improve your fluency and special techniques to help you find and fix your own errors.

Only students who had taken ENG 095 twice are allowed to take the 20 hour CATW Tutoring program instead of taking ENG 095 a third time. Students who have taken ENG 095 once and did not pass the CATW must retake ENG 095 and cannot substitute the CATW tutoring for the ENG 095 class. Also, if you are allowed to take the 20 hour CATW Tutoring program, it is best to register at the beginning of the semester to insure that you get the full 20 hour requirement or register for the July program.

If you are a student in an English 102, 201, or 300 course, please go send your questions to

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