Ernesto Malave

Ernesto Malave, Class of 1981

As a student leader at BMCC, Ernesto Malave served as a member of the University Student Senate from 1979 to 1981 and as student representative to the CUNY Board of Trustees Committee on Faculty, Staff and Administration in 1979-1980. He was treasurer of BMCC’s Student Government, and from 1980 to 1981 served as its president. In 1984, when he earned his bachelor’s degree from the College of New Rochelle, he had already been on the staff of CUNY for a year, as an admissions advisor in the Office of Admissions Services.

In 1985, Ernesto was appointed the University’s assistant director of governmental relations, responsible for representing CUNY’s interests at City Hall and in Albany. He later joined the University budget office as a budget analyst and assistant to the budget director. In January 1996 Ernesto Malave became CUNY’s acting budget director, a post he fully assumed in 1998. Chancellor Matthew Goldstein named him interim vice chancellor for budget and finance in 2002 and vice chancellor in 2003.

Managing the University’s finances and advocating for CUNY’s financial survival while staying true to its fundamental mission of offering affordable, accessible, quality higher education to New Yorkers of all circumstances presents demanding, ever-shifting challenges. He was also creative. Navigating the University through increasingly choppy financial straits, Ernesto helped devise a brilliant public-private financing mechanism—the CUNY Compact, now the New York Compact for Public Higher Education—that would help keep the University moving forward on an even financial keel.

His untimely passing in 2009 was marked by a moving CUNY Memorial Service. He will long be remembered as one of BMCC’s most distinguished and beloved alumni.