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Grading Policies

Grading System

Final Grades are given at the end of the semester for each course. Grades assigned at the completion of a course are as follows:

Quality Points
Grade Definition Index
A 93-100% 4.0  
A- 90-92% 3.7  
B+ 87-89% 3.3  
B 83-86% 3.0  
B- 80-82% 2.7  
C+ 77-79% 2.3  
C 73-76% 2.0  
C- 70-72% 1.7

If you receive a C- or lower, see the F/C-grading policy

D+ 67-69% 1.3
D 63-66% 1.0
D- 60-62% 0.7
F Failure 0.0
S Satisfactory --  
U Unsatisfactory
(counts as failure)
W Withdrew
Withdrawal from class between 4th and 10th weeks; non Failure
WN Never Attended 0.0  
*WN Never Attended --  
WA Administrative Withdrawal --  
WU Withdrew Unofficially 0.0  
R The "R" grade means a course must be repeated
For remedial courses, no student may receive a grade of "R" more than once for the same course. A letter grade other than "R" must be assigned the second time that course is taken.
NC No credit granted
(restricted to regular courses)
INC Semester’s work incomplete --  
AUD Course not taken for credit or grade: "AUD" appears on Transcript --  
PEN Grade Pending  
REP Repeated Course    
FIN "F" from Incomplete-
to be used when an "INC" grade" reverts to an "F".
Z No grade submitted by the instructor.
"Z" is an administrative grade which cannot be assigned by the instructor
TR Transfer credit from another institution or courses taken on permit.  

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