Honors and Awards

BMCC encourages excellence in academic pursuits and community service by offering the following monetary awards and distinctions.

See each award for information about how to qualify.

Borough of Manhattan Community College Fund, Inc. Scholarships

A commemorative scholarship in honor of the late A. Alexander Morrisey, who was Director of Community Relations at BMCC, is awarded each year by the English Department for excellence in journalism.

The Billie Ehrenberg Award for general excellence in English is a commemorative award in honor of the late Billie Ehrenberg, assistant professor of the English Department.

The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs places students with a semester Grade-Point Average of 3.3 or better on the Dean’s List. At the end of the semester, you must meet the following qualifications to be a recipient of this honor (no Dean’s List certificates are awarded for courses taken during the Summer Session):

  • You must be matriculated.
  • You must be registered in credit-bearing courses only
  • Students registered in remedial courses are not eligible for Dean’s List.
  • Full-time students must complete 12 or more credits in one semester with a passing grade for each course taken.
  • Part-time students must complete 12 or more credits in two consecutive semesters with a passing grade for each course taken.
  • Student's receiving grades of INC, W, WU, WN, or PEN are not eligible for Dean's List.

The Dean of Academic Affairs presents this award to the full-time student graduating "With High Distinction" (the highest cumulative Grade-Point Average).

This award is presented by the Dean of Students to the student deemed to have outstanding citizenship and dedication to the College community.

Each academic department of the College presents awards and honors to graduates who have exhibited significant achievements in their studies.

The Black Faculty and Staff Association of BMCC, in honor of its past presidents, Dr. Aaron Benjamin (former member of the Modern Languages Department) and Dr. Ellsworth Janifer (former chairperson of the Music and Art Department), presents Commemorative Scholarship Awards to graduating students.

The awards are in the following categories:

  • Ideals of Ellsworth Janifer/Aaron Benjamin, Academic Excellence
  • Contribution to the College Community
  • Contribution to the Black Community

Students who graduate with a cumulative 3.30 GPA or better are designated as Graduating With Honor.

If you are seeking academic challenges beyond the normal parameters of course requirements, consider the Honors Contract. The Honors Contract requires a high degree of commitment and motivation, and participating students must meet eligibility criteria. In collaboration with a professor, students enter into an honors contract in which Honors Contract options are offered by the instructor. Students who wish to pursue an honors project in a particular course should contact the course instructor. For more general information about the Honors Contract, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 212 220-8320.

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) offer an Honors program for continuing BMCC students who have earned at least 12 BMCC college credits, are remediation free, and have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, to incoming freshmen who are exempt from remediation and have a College Admission Average (CAA) of 90 or above, and to transfer students who are remediation free, have earned at least 12 college credits at BMCC with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and have at least three semesters left to graduate.

Students will earn the Honors degree by completing at least five Honors courses with a minimum final grade of “B” for each course. At least three, but no more than four, of the courses must be general education courses, and at least one, but no more than two of the courses must be major requirement courses. At least three of the five courses must be Honors-designated courses or Honors-enhanced courses (No more than two of the courses can be completed through the Honors Contract).

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 to earn the Honors degree. Students whose overall GPA falls below 3.5 will be placed on Honors pause and have one semester to improve the overall GPA to 3.5
in order to stay in the program.

Students will enroll in only one Honors course the first semester they are in the program and will enroll in no more than two honors courses in any subsequent semester. In addition, they must maintain an overall minimum
GPA of 3.5

Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the Honors program will receive an H designation next to each successfully passed honors, and honor-enhanced and honors contract course on their official transcript and
graduate with Honors.

Visit the BMCC Honors Program website to learn more.

The Josh Wolfson Accounting Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time Accounting graduate from Borough of Manhattan Community College.

The scholarship, named in honor of professor Josh Wolfson of the Accounting department, is awarded in recognition of academic achievement and excellence in accounting.

A commemorative award in honor of Louis and Caroline Salit is presented for Excellence in French.

This commemorative award, in honor of Martin B. Dworkis, the first President of BMCC, is presented to the athlete with the highest cumulative Grade Point Average.

The President of the College presents this award to the full-time student who has exhibited qualities of leadership, academic excellence and popularity among the students and faculty.

The Roger B. Dooley Award for creative writing is a commemorative award in honor of the late Roger B. Dooley, the first chairperson and long-standing member of BMCC¿s English Department.

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