Susie Boydston White

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Dr. Susie Boydston-White completed courses in calculus and computer science at Florida State University while still attending high school and, after high school graduation, continued there as a math major. She was not blessed with a supportive family behind her, thus the exhaustive schedules of attending classes while cobbling together part-time jobs to pay for college and living expenses proved too difficult to sustain and she abandoned college for a time. In the meantime, she produced television commercials; programmed computers; managed pizza restaurants; and worked as a microbiology and analytical chemistry technician in state regulatory laboratories.

She returned to college to earn an AA degree in Science from Tallahassee Community College, where she represented the college as a member of the Brain Bowl team at regional competition and represented the college at the state-wide Mathematics Olympics competition. She went on to the University of South Florida, Tampa, where she gained a substantial background in virology, cell biology and microbiology through advanced course work earning BS in Biology. She worked two years in a virology research lab doing research projects and mentoring high school students and fellow undergraduates working on projects. She wrote a proposal and was awarded a summer research grant her second year to study the tobacco mosaic virus guanylyl transferase enzyme GMP binding site.

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