Iyana Titus

President's Office


Phone: 2122201236

Room: S750D

Iyana Titus has been serving as BMCC’s Affirmative Action Officer since May 2010. Although she is new to BMCC, she brings a wealth of EEO (equal employment opportunity) experiences to her position. Prior to coming to BMCC, Ms. Titus served as the Deputy EEO Officer for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Agency Attorney for Department of Homeless Services and Labor & Employee Relations Manager for a small airline carrier. Through those experiences, Ms. Titus investigated several sexual harassment and discrimination complaints, conducted EEO training to managers and employees, wrote employment policies, created EEO literature and defended organizations against potential lawsuits. In addition, Ms. Titus studied EEO from an international perspective where she received a Masters degree from the University of Amsterdam.