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Guide to Restaurants in TriBeCa

Starbucks ($). Coffee

Kaffe 1668 ($). 275 Greenwich Street. A hip coffee shop, with fancy coffee and small sandwiches and juices. Additional seating downstairs.

Bliss Bowl ($$) 275 Greenwich. They don’t have seating but this is a solid organic rice bowls / smoothie / juice place that is better than all the ones in the area.

Sun in Bloom ($$). 165 Church Street. I am not a vegan but this place is good even if you are not vegan. It’s vegan, by the way.

Whole Foods ($). 270 Greenwich Street. It’s a high end grocery store, you probably know what it is already. They have seating upstairs, and lots of hot and cold buffet items you can grab.

The Amish Market ($). 53 Park Place.

The Square Diner. ($) 33 Leonard Street. A great example of a NYC diner, featured many times in Netflix’s Daredevil show.

Maison Kaiser ($$). 355 Greenwich. A French bakery, this place is great, and they serve a great lunch. The Croque Madame and this three chocolate flourless cake thing are the best, and they have sandwiches to go.

Viet Café ($$). 345 Greenwich. This is a great Vietnamese place with very good drinks and lots of seating. The noodle bowls and the steak are very good.

Tamarind ($$$). 99 Hudson Street. Fancy Indian food, over-rated.

Salam Bombay ($$). 319 Greenwich Street. Standard solid Indian place.

Bubby’s ($$$). 120 Hudson. This is a hip place, think of the fanciest diner that you can, all your diner favorites made with the best ingredients.

Terroir ($$). 24 Harrison Street. A very good wine bar with surprisingly good snacky food including fancy sliders and a nice atmosphere.

Zutto. Japanese American Pub ($$). 77 Hudson. Sushi! Ramen! Beer and Wine!

Locanda Verde. ($$$$) 377 Greenwich. This is the nicest and best dinner spot in the area discounting Nobu and Junsik which are in a whole other tax bracket, and they also do a great breakfast. The ricotta is the best thing there, and the pancakes are excellent.

Jungsik. ($$$$$) 2 Harrison. 250 bucks a head before alcohol. It is ranked slightly below the 7 world class restaurants NYC has. Korean food, 13 courses, will change your life.

*Also if you have never been to NYC, here are a list of places you should hit (and I am taking this from Queens and Brooklyn too): Momofuku (get pork buns and a compost cookie and birthday truffles), Paulie Gee’s for pizza, Burger Joint which is an amazing run down looking place hidden inside one of NYC’s fancier hotels (the Meridian), Dim Sum Go Go (not too far from BMCC actually), Egg for all things egg related, Katz’s Deli made famous from When Harry Met Sally but actually the best food of its kind anywhere (get the pastrami), Little Pepper (very spicy), Mile End (Poutine!), Jin Ramen, Ippudo (more Ramen), Mapo Tofu, Prime Meats, Roberta’s (fantastic Italian), Runner and Stone, The Spotted Pig (not that far from BMCC actually), Café China (get the cumin lamb), Jewel Bako (sushi), Xi’an famous foods (Chinese, but not what you are thinking of, dirt cheap and fantastic), Mission Chinese, Luke’s Lobster. Shake Shack is very satisfying if you find yourself near one.

Special thanks to our colleague, Geoff Klock